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Preparation for cropping season B


Jan 20, 2022

KARUSI January 20th (ABP) – The director of the Provincial Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE) in Karusi (central-eastern Burundi) Jean Séverin Sinzobatohana brought together, on Tuesday January 18, his staff in order to properly prepare for cropping season B, to constantly monitor the rice crop in progress, to prepare for the end of the silvicultural year and to revitalize the few service technicians who are still dragging their feet.

Cropping season B will soon begin, said the director of BPEAE. The agricultural people must be warned and therefore do the plowing on time, stock up on inputs including organic fertilizers, FOMI fertilizers and selected seeds, he recalled. We must also be alongside the rice-growing people who exploit the marshes during the second season. Transplanting must be regular and on lines according to the director. FOMI or organic fertilizers in rice fields that were not usually used are currently recommended, according to director Jean Séverin Sinzobatohana.

He reported that the silvicultural year is coming to an end. Thus, it is necessary to think of exhausting all the tree nurseries, both forest and agro-forestry, he insisted. That will only be possible if everyone gets involved in raising awareness and practicing to lead by a good example.

He warned technicians who do not have demonstration fields, and who frequent bars before opening hours.