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The Burundi Development Agency remains the sole point of contact for all investors seeking business opportunities in Burundi


Jan 14, 2022

BUJUMBURA January 14th (ABP) –The Director General of the Burundi Development Agency (ADB) Désiré Musharitse announced, on Wednesday January 12, 2022 in a press café, that the establishment of the ADB to replace The Investment Promotion Agency (API) was one of the activities carried out by ADB. He presented the results of his achievements during the first semester of the 2021-2022 budget year.

He said the ADB is in a period of transition between the Investment Promotion Agency (API) and the Burundi Development Agency (ADB). To this end, several projects will be initiated including a new structuring of the ADB referring to the new decree of November 15, 2021.

He recalled that the ADB was created by the decree of November 15, 2021 to replace the API and that it is stipulated that the ADB is the entry portal and the sole interlocutor of all investors seeking business opportunities in Burundi. He added that the creation of the ADB is the result of the application of the new Investment Code, governed by the law of June 17, 2021 amending the law of September 10, 2008 on the investment code of Burundi. The purpose of this new investment code is to promote and facilitate Burundi’s investments as well as exports.

During that semester, ADB also focused on improving the situation of women and young people. At that level, with the aim of reducing poverty and improving the business climate, and promoting entrepreneurship among young people and women, a partnership has been concluded between ADB and the Center for Development and Enterprises Great Lakes (CDE) announced the Director General of ADB.

The Director General of ADB indicated that during this semester, ADB and CDE continued to implement their memorandum of understanding by jointly organizing several workshops, including the popularization of the “Why women?” Project. “, An economic empowerment and women’s rights project, followed by the celebration of World Entrepreneurship Week,” Economic summit 2021 “and” Women leaders and Liberty Forum “.