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People who test positive for Covid-19 called on to comply with containment measures


Jan 14, 2022

CANKUZO January 13th (ABP) – People who test positive for Covid-19 are called on to respect isolation measures. That appeal was launched on Tuesday January 11, 2022 by the head of the health district of Cankuzo, Dr Sylvestre Kansuraheba during an interview he gave to a check by ABP.

He is delighted that there are many people coming for testing and that those who test positive are taking medication and recovering.

Apart from the screening center for this disease at Cankuzo hospital, Dr Sylvestre Kansuraheba informs that other screening centers have been opened in various health centers in the municipalities of this health district and that the well-trained personnel are available there.

He cited the Minyare health centers (CDS) in Cankuzo, Misugi and Kigarika in Cendajuru commune as well as Kigamba and Shinge in Kigamba commune.

As for the people who complain about the behavior of certain people who have tested positive for covid-19 and who continue to make movements instead of quarantining themselves, Dr Kansuraheba calls on these people to respect the recommended barrier prevention and contamination measures by the government, so as not to contaminate the neighbors until the disappearance of this disease by verification.

However, he added that compliance with the barrier measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic remains required for everyone, including those who are cured.

Dr. Kansuraheba also called on anyone showing signs of this disease to go to the health facility close to him for examinations, instead of rushing to the pharmacy to buy drugs for a disease not still identified.