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Many qualified teachers with university degrees, but a low pass rate in their schools


Jan 13, 2022

BUBANZA January 12th (ABP) – The Provincial Director of Education (DPE), Claude Badugaritse, calls for the effective involvement of all stakeholders for quality education in order to increase the success rate in Gihanga commune (north-west of Burundi), this was revealed during a meeting held on Monday the 10th by the Provincial Director of Education in Bubanza, for all those concerned with education, in Gihanga commune.

According to the Provincial Director of Education, Mr. Badugaritse, Gihanga commune has 25 basic schools and 10 post basic schools. He said that this commune has many qualified teachers with university degrees, but that, paradoxically, last year, it ranked 115th out of 119 communes, in the national competition for the 9th year. Out of 334 pupils who took the State exam, only 171 passed, he laments. Some of the causes of this low success rate, which were raised in this meeting, are among others principals and teachers who do not fulfill their role properly, poor collaboration in some schools, and others, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The DPE Claude Badugaritse, calls on the teachers, to positive change because, according to him, the teacher influences the success rate to 70%. As for the governor of Bubanza province, Cléophas Nizigiyimana, he indicates that the good success of the students of this province will be the honor for the teachers and for the province. He warns those who do not properly fulfill their task, that they run penalties in accordance with the law.