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Provincial governors are called to closely monitor the collection of the tax on pylons and masts installed in the communes


Jan 11, 2022

BUJUMBURA January 10th (ABP) – The Ministry of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security, released Thursday January 6, 2022, a correspondence in which it asks all the provincial governors, including the mayor of the city of Bujumbura, to instruct the communal administrators to identify the company responsible for the pylons and masts installed in their municipalities and to recover by all means, all the amount due to the commune.

That involves implementing correspondence n° 530/2162 / CAB / 2016 of 12/20/2016, in relation to the tax on pylons and masts, and of law n° 1/020 of March 2016 on reform of municipal taxation in Burundi and the expected reporting deadlines as well as the penalties incurred in the event of non-compliance with these deadlines or the payment of this tax, specifies that correspondence.

The Ministry of the Interior, Community Development and Public Security did not forget to recall that each person responsible for a pylon or a mast must pay a sum of 1,200,000 BIF per pylon or mast per year, from March 3, 2016, date of promulgation of the law reforming communal taxation in Burundi.

The correspondence also reminds those provincial governors to closely monitor the effective implementation of that measure and the smooth running of that activity, within a relatively short period of time.