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The Torch of Peace was welcomed in Bubanza and Bujumbura provinces


Nov 30, 2021

BUBANZA November 29th (ABP) – The Torch of Peace was welcomed on Friday, November 26, in Bubanza province, on Kagwema village in Gihanga commune (north-western Burundi), from the neighboring province of Cibitoke, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The Torch of Peace was welcomed by the governor of Bubanza province, Cleophas Nizigiyimana, accompanied by parliamentarians elected in the constituency of Bubanza, the Minister having Communication in her attributions, also native of this province, native executives and inhabitants on the site.

From Kagwema, members of the “Intwararumuri” association went to the headquarters of Bubanza province, where they joined the local residents in the construction of the modern stadium and that association provided sheets and cement for the continued construction of this stadium and the Nyarurambi health center in Mpanda commune.

The Torch of Peace caravan participates in the concrete mixing works for the construction of the modern market in Mubimbi commune

In his speech, Governor Nizigiyimana, welcomed that material support, and asked that this province be supported more because, he said, it has been seriously destroyed by the crisis that the country has endured since 1993 and that, therefore, has a lot of construction sites for rehabilitation.

The president of the “Intwararumuri” association, Mr. Epipode Baranyikwa, promised to relay that plea from the governor of Bubanza to the President of the Republic. He also said that this “Intwararumuri” association has three pillars, namely the strengthening of peace and security, development and mutual aid. The Torch of Peace team also visited the “Twizigirane” cooperative of Musenyi in Mpanda commune, which operates in agriculture and livestock.

Note that the Torch of Peace continued its tour in Bujumbura province on the same Friday.

In Bujumbura province, on the border separating the two provinces, at around 1:30 p.m., the governor of Bubanza province, Cleophas Nizigiyimana handed it over to his counterpart in Bujumbura, Désiré Nsengiyumva in the presence of the population of the two provinces and the members of the Intwararumuri association. The torch of peace was carried to Mubimbi commune, Kinama where a modern market is being built. They mixed the concrete for the pavement before continuing its journey to the commune of Isare. There, concrete was also mixed to raise the columns of the buildings of a hotel located not far from a stadium under construction.

The Torch was subsequently directed to the border of Kanyosha and Mukaza communes, in Muyira where the governor of Bujumbura handed it over to the Mayor of the city of Bujumbura, Mr. Jimmy Hatungimana.