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The Torch of Peace was welcomed in Bururi province


Nov 26, 2021

BURURI November 25th (ABP) – The Torch of Peace, 15th edition, was welcomed in Bururi province on Tuesday from the neighboring province of Rumonge in the locality of Kajabure on the border of Bururi and Rumonge communes. The governor of Rumonge province along with members of the Intwararumuri association and the local population handed the Torch to his counterpart in Bururi province, Mr. Léonidas Bandenzamaso.

The torch of peace took its way to Matana commune through the capital of Bururi province, in Matana a crowd of people welcomed the torch and stopped at the office of the communal police station where the work of mixing rubble and sand to obtain concrete paving for the conference hall of the communal police station. He continued on his way to Mugamba commune in the afternoon and it is in that same commune that the Torch carriers took part in the ongoing construction work of the Olympic stadium in Muyange-Kavumu village. The Torch of Peace passed through Tuesday night and the governor gave four goats to the team carrying the torch. That Wednesday, the torch resumed its path towards the Bururi-Mwaro border on the border of Mugamba and Gisozi communes passing through the locality of Rubaho where the governor of Bururi handed the Torch to his colleague from Mwaro.