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The Vice-President of the Republic has awarded the winners to questions relating to the Torch of Peace


Nov 23, 2021

KARUSI November 22nd (ABP) – Two main activities marked the caravan of the torch of peace in Karusi province, on Wednesday, November 18, 2021, namely community development work at Kiryama village in Shombo commune and the inauguration physiotherapy services at Karusi fiftieth anniversary hospital.

At the Beijing Ruvubu Bridge, separating the province of Gitega from that of Karusi, the governor, Mrs. Calinie Mbarushimana, commended the Torch of Peace from the hands of the governor of Gitega, Venant Manirambona.

                                                                                                   Participation in the spraying of maize fields against army caterpillars

The work of spraying the corn fields against army caterpillars and the visit of a stable, both belonging to the network of Sangwe cooperatives in Shombo commune, preceded the arrival of the torch in the provincial.

To the rhythm of the “Intwararumuri”, the Torch of Peace caravan headed for the fiftieth anniversary hospital where the Vice-President of the Republic, Prosper Bazombanza, inaugurated the physiotherapy services.

For the Vice-President of the Republic, it is a big step on the part of the Burundians in general and that of Karusi in particular to have physiotherapy services on site today. He congratulated the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS on the step taken and announced the free provision of these services in all hospitals that have them during the period from 22 to 26 November on the occasion of the torch of the peace 15th edition.

Bicycles and loincloths were delivered by the Vice-President of the Republic to the winners of the competition, answering questions relating to the torch of peace and the Covid-19.

In his welcoming speech, Governor Mbarushimana thanked the government of Burundi on the one hand and the ministry in charge of public health on the other hand for the physiotherapy services inaugurated at the hospital in his province. This large and well-equipped hospital is now overwhelmed by local customers, those from other provinces and neighboring countries from which it has requested its extension. Note that on the occasion of the torch of peace caravan, the municipalities, through the family and community development center (CDFC), had collected food, clothes and money to buy donations to offer to the orphans of the Bene Bernadette Sisters’ Center in Karusi.