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The Burundi First Lady has been received at the Kiganda center for the disabled


Nov 18, 2021

MURAMVYA November 17th (ABP) – The Burundi First Lady, Mrs. Angéline Ndayishimiye, at the same time Chairperson of the “Bonne Action Umugiraneza” foundation, on Monday, November 15 provided food and non-food aid for disabled children housed in the center for the disabled in Kiganda in Muramvya province (center-west) with the objective of continuing its national campaign to wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to those most in need, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The aid distributed by the First Lady of Burundi consists of rice, sugar, milk, salt, oil, corn flour and wheat as well as five wheelchairs and five porterage for the disabled.

The sister director of the center for the disabled in Kiganda, Sister Fidéla Nahayo, in her speech of thanks, displayed a feeling of hospitality towards God who made the D-day appear for the first lady of Burundi to visit another center for disabled people that she has already visited and to which she granted assistance on July 17, 2020, according to the sister in charge of the center for disabled people in Kiganda.

Among the challenges facing that center for the disabled, Sister Fidéla Nahayo spoke of the difficulties in accessing health care for children with disabilities. The latter also experience difficulties when going to classrooms outside their center because the premises have not been adapted for the disabled. She then asked the first lady to help in the construction of the classes inside the center which would bear the name of the First Lady, as Sister Fidéla Nahayo pointed out who very much appreciated the support of the First Lady. She reported that the Kiganda Center for the Disabled receives disabled people from all provinces of the country and that this causes the overcrowding of vulnerable people who need health care and even operations in hospitals far from the locality of the center.

As for the governor of Muramvya province, Mr. Diomède Nzambimana, in his welcome address, he indicated that the decent of the First Lady of the country to join even the vulnerable is an apparent clue that shows that the first lady is always concerned about all categories of the Burundians.

Governor Nzambimana reported that the people are proud of the charitable actions of the “Bonne Action Umugiraneza” foundation headed by the wife of the Burundian Head of State.

In her occasional speech, Mrs. Angéline Ndayishimiye, on behalf of the Umugiraneza good deed foundation, first wished Merry Christmas for all disabled children housed in the center for the disabled in Kiganda. Knowing that the center has children with different disabilities, they wanted to encourage the educators so that they do not get discouraged because, they know that they have God who acts through humans, and we have come to celebrate Christmas,  she said.

Note that the center for disabled people in Kiganda, created in 1969 by the Belgian missionary José Verkest, has already helped 252 disabled people.