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Shortage of BRARUDI products in Maramvya zone


Nov 5, 2021

BUJUMBURA November 5th (ABP) – The shortage of BRARUDI products is being talked about in Maramvya zone, Mutimbuzi commune, Bujumbura province (western Burundi), retailers are scrambling to stock up on these drinks, a check on the site by ABP has revealed this on Thursday at a wholesaler’s depot at 15th Transversal.

The bicycle taxis with cases of BRARUDI products lined up, each in the hope of being served and without mince words the manager of the depot informed them that they cannot all be served and according to the quantities they search. He promised to see them down again because according to him, it only serves what he has received, adding that the problem is at the level of BRARUDI.

According to customers, some of whom are drinking establishments, they indicate that their activity is practically not going any more, that they are spending days without drinks and their customers are complaining.

Once obtained these small quantities, they buy a case of Amstel 65cl at 20,700 BIF and one bottle sells for 2000 BIF instead of 1900, a case of Royal Amstel is bought at 38,200 BIF and the retail bottle sells for 2,200 BIF, Amstel Bock is bought at 30,400 BIF the case and the bottle sells for 1,500 BIF. A case of Primus is bought at 16,500 BIF and a bottle sells for 1,500 BIF, the small Amstel 33cl 27,300 BIF the case and the bottle sells for 1,600BIF, the small Primus, a case is bought at 18,400 BIF and the bottle sells for 1,100 BIF. Viva Malt is bought at 16,300 BIF the case and a bottle sells for 800 BIF, for lemonades a case is bought at 16,500 BIF and a bottle sells for 1,000 BIF.

Those who frequent the bars complain that the sellers of drinks are speculating by revising the prices of BRARUDI products upwards and asking the competent services to enforce the prices and impose fines on the violators.