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Persistent fuel shortage in the city of Bujumbura


Nov 5, 2021

BUJUMBURA November 3rd (ABP) – Several gas stations in the city of Bujumbura are still running out of fuel, especially gasoline, it was reported on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

On Tuesday morning, until 9:30 am, there were long queues in front of the few gas stations that serve that product. Those are, among others, two service stations located in the Kigobe district (Ntahangwa commune), namely Yakeime Oil and Mogas Kigobe.

On the other hand, other service stations that a check by ABP paid a visit, namely New Oil Company and Kobil located in the INSS district, Kobil located in the Mutanga Sud district, Kobil and Interpétrol located in the Kigobe district, the gas station commonly known as Chez Kati-Kati located in downtown Bujumbura and the Interpétrol gas station located in the Asian quarter were closed. However, a check by ABP also observed a line of vehicles in front of the gas station at Kati-Kati’s house when it was closed. One of the drivers in the line told a check by ABP that he had hopes that at some point that gas station could be refueled.

“This morning someone told me that this gas station could be served today. I took the option of coming here to maximize the chance of being served,” he said.

That lack of fuel observed since the first half of October 2021 is causing enormous damage to drivers of public transport vehicles. “This continuing fuel shortage has a negative impact on revenue in paid transport as we are forced to spend at least one working day per week in front of gas stations to be able to get fuel. We are losing a lot. We call on the authorized authority to take all necessary measures to resolve this problem, “one of the transport bus drivers told a check by ABP, on condition of anonymity.

The few gas station attendants interviewed by the ABP on the matter say the gasoline shortage has become a headache, adding that they have just gone more than a week without being served.