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Official launch of the 10th month of Statistics in Burundi


Nov 3, 2021

BUJUMBURA November 3rd (ABP) – The Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of Burundi (ISTEEBU) proceeded, on Friday, October 29, 2021, to the official launch of the 10th month of statistics in Burundi and of the 29th African day of the statistics. That tenth month of statistics in Burundi is celebrated from October 20 to November 20 under the theme: “Modernizing the data collection system for the general census of the people, housing, agriculture and breeding of 2022 (RGPHAE 2022) to support socio-cultural development in Burundi. ”

In Africa, the Director General of ISTEEBU, Mr. Nicolas Ndayishimiye, recalled that this day will be celebrated under the theme “Modernizing national statistical systems to support socio-cultural development in Africa. ”

He said that the month of statistics in Burundi was instituted by the National Council for Statistical Information (CNIS) during the 3rd session of June 14, 2012, to highlight the importance that the government of Burundi attaches improving official statistics for socio-economic development. He specified that this month marks and includes the World and African Statistics Days and that it is a month of advocacy and visibility in statistics, on a specific and current theme, he said.

Mr. Ndayishimiye said that for this year, that institute has proposed a lot of activities to be done. Among these activities, he mentioned in particular the organization of a round table to mobilize international technical and financial support for the general census of the population, housing, agriculture and livestock in Burundi in 2022, the organization of eight workshops to validate the socio-economic profiles of the provinces of Burundi. He also cited the organization of a workshop-retreat for processing and analyzing data from the 2019/2020 survey on household living conditions in Burundi and training for staff from the Ministry of the Interior, of Community Development and Public Security on statistical and cartographic software.

He also reported on other activities to be implemented by ISTEEBU. Those include the organization of a workshop to popularize strategic documents for senior officials of the Ministry in charge of the Interior, the start of the process of developing the statistical strategy of the Ministry of the Interior. the Civil Service, Labor and Employment as well as the organization of a statistics café etc.

The Director General reported that ISTEEBU and the ministerial statistical services or parastatal organizations will generally continue to collect administrative data in the areas of their respective responsibilities. He said that they will continue the ongoing data collection activities for the production of the national index of consumer prices and household living conditions in Burundi.

ISTEEBU also plans to conduct a study on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on business activities in Burundi in 2021.