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Farmers can now plan activities for the first growing season, says the IGEBU CEO


Oct 20, 2021

GITEGA October 20th (ABP) – The Director General of the Geographical Institute of Burundi (IGEBU), Mr. Augustin Ngenzirabona, on October 17 called on farmers to start planning the activities of the first cropping season, arguing that weather forecasts show sufficient and normal rainfall.

It was during a statement that he delivered to the press to explain to the farming people the reasons that led to the delay of this cropping season, while IGEBU had announced that it should start in the second decade of October 2021. Sufficient rainfall was expected during this period, but there was a setback that arose, he said.

He explained that climate change caused by the emission of greenhouse gases has changed the data on weather forecasts. However, Mr. Ngenzirabona indicated that the cyclone which had prevented the effective start of this growing season is starting to lose strength. They see that the air masses loaded with humidity are starting to find their directions, the deviation of which had been caused by the said cyclone, he explained in conclusion.