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Some 15 vulnerable Batwa families in Gitobe commune have benefited from decent housing


Oct 13, 2021

KIRUNDO October 12th (ABP) – The administration of Gitobe commune in Kirundo province (northern Burundi) organized Friday, October 8, 2021 the official handover activity of 15 houses to families of vulnerable Batwa from Baziro village who lived in straw huts, a check on the site by ABP has revealed. According to the administrator of Gitobe commune, Mrs. Georgine Dusabe, the communal administration saw the need to help some families of the Batwa community to get rid of these unworthy buildings. She indicated that the Xaverian missionaries of the Bugwana parish in the same commune have given considerable support to erect this Batwa village. As 26 houses have been planned, they are preparing for the second batch of 11 houses, the administrator of Gitobe said, adding that even the land on which those houses were built was bought by these Xaverian missionaries. The beneficiaries warmly thanked the administrator of the commune Gitobe who was able to knock here and there for this project to be carried out. They had the opportunity to point out that the locality where they settle does not have a school and a health center, which is why they asked to continue to knock in order to still benefit from those public goods because, the students and patients travel a long way to school and health facilities, adding that many children who have already reached school age are not enrolled in school as a result of this challenge.

The administrator of the commune Gitobe urged these beneficiaries to protect these houses well, while asking them to join cooperatives and to work courageously with a view to self-development. Regarding the missing school and health center, she indicated that there is hope to benefit from it in the future since the report has been sent to those concerned.

The governor’s chief of staff, Eric Nduwayezu, thanked the administration of Gitobe commune and the Xaverian missionaries of Bugwana for that work, saying that they have already understood what development is and promised that the provincial administration will always remain at their side for encouragement.