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Lack of extra mattresses is one of the challenges that haunt ETS Kamenge


Sep 29, 2021

BUJUMBURA September 29th (ABP) – On the eve of the 73-year diamond jubilee celebration of the Kamenge Secondary Technical School (ETS), the management of the said school organized an open day on Friday September 24, 2021 to present the state of play of that school, with particular emphasis on training and on the challenges encountered at that school.

According to the director of ETS Kamenge, Jean Bosco Nzitonda, these challenges are the insufficiency of mattresses, the kitchen utensils which are dilapidated including the Mouvelos, the pupils’ latrines which no longer work due to obsolescence, the power cut and water on certain days and others.

That day will allow partners and members of that school, friends, parents of students and others to find solutions to some of the challenges listed.

According to Mr. Nzitonda, the school already has 2,984 students for the 2021-2022 school year, the number he considers high compared to other schools in the country.

As the school has six workshops for practical work, it is arranged that these students are placed in groups so that everyone can apply the theories learned in class. Mr. Nzitonda stressed that the school does not have any concerns with regard to educational material including books for students and teachers. Regarding the teaching staff, the permanent teachers who number 85 and eight temporary staff are sufficient, according to him. He reported that the State exam pass rate was 49% in 2019 and 46.64% in 2020.

The work of that day ended with a visit to the various workshops, namely the electromechanical, electricity, maintenance IT and telecommunications workshop where technicians showed visitors how the machines located there, work.