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Official launch of the preparatory works for the ETS Kamenge Diamond Jubilee


Sep 28, 2021

BUJUMBURA September 28th (ABP) – ETS (Secondary Technical School) Kamenge, created in 1949 by the Charitable Brothers of the Catholic Church, officially launched on Saturday September 25 the work marking the preparation of its diamond jubilee planned for 2023, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The director of ETS Kamenge, Mr. Jean Bosco Nzitonda

The Director General (DG) of Technical and Vocational Education, Dr. Ir. Nestor Niyonzima, delegated by the Ministry in charge of National Education, immediately recalled that ETS Kamenge is the mother of other technical schools in the country because, he explained, it was the first technical school to be established in Burundi. Apart from its seniority, this technical school provides quality training, he said, adding that it ranks among the first in the of State exam.

View of the participants in the ceremonies


According to Dr. Ir. Niyonzima, this 73-year-old school presents certain challenges including the lack of mattresses that can be sufficient for all the students. Some infrastructure such as classrooms, kitchen and its equipment, boarding school and latrines need to be rehabilitated, he said, indicating that even the workshop equipment is dilapidated. He also pleaded for the rehabilitation of the road that enters that school from Boulevard Mwezi Gisabo.


To that end, he invited the people in charge of ETS Kamenge to make an estimate for all that work so that it is presented to the government and its partners, to friends as well as to the former students of the school so that everyone brings her contribution and that everything be completed before the celebration of said jubilee. However, he promised that the government of Burundi will spare no effort to support the development of ETS Kamenge because, he said, technical or trade schools were highlighted in the Burundi PND 2018-2027.