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Palm and cotton oil prices start to go down at the COTEBU market


Sep 26, 2021

BUJUMBURA September 21st (ABP) – The prices of palm oil and cotton, which had experienced an exaggerated surge in recent days in the city of Bujumbura, are starting to decrease at the COTEBU market, a check by ABP noted that last Friday.

Regarding the prices of palm oil, one of the merchants of this product told a check by ABP that a five-liter container, which costs 22,000 BIF, is currently obtained at 19,000 BIF. That is when a three-liter canister can be bought today at 13,000 BIF against 15,000 BIF. In addition, a liter and a half can went from 6,000 to 5,000 BIF, according to the same source, which explains that this drop in prices follows the condition of the palm trees which are starting to ripen during this rainy season. During that period, the palm trees ripen relative to the summer season, he meant.

In the case of cottonseed oil, the merchants met at the COTEBU market indicated that the price of “Golden” type oil is 39,000 BIF for a five-liter container, when its price was 45,000 BIF

He also added that a three-liter can costs 27,000 BIF, while a liter of that oil costs 9,000BIF.

Regarding cottonseed oil produced by the company “Savonor”, a five-liter container costs 37,000 BIF, according to the same source.