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Athlete Francine Niyonsaba is delighted with the warm welcome extended to her at Melchior Ndadaye airport


Sep 26, 2021

BUJUMBURA September 23rd (ABP) – Burundian athlete Francine Niyonsaba arrived at Melchior Ndadaye airport on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, after a series of competitions she won abroad including a world record in Zagreb in Croatia over a distance of 2000 meters, a check on the site by ABP has revealed. At Melchior Ndadaye airport, athlete Francine Niyonsaba was greeted by the mayor of the city of Bujumbura, Jimmy Hatungimana, the permanent secretary at the Ministry of East African Community Affairs (EAC), Youth, Sports and Culture, Mr. Louis Kamwenubusa, as well as the population made up of his relatives, supporters and students.

“Francine Niyonsaba, all the institutions of our country as well as the population congratulate you on the successive victories which honor your native country, we welcome you”, we read on the banners held in hands by the supporters of Niyonsaba. She told reporters that she had just competed in competitions in different countries around the world, starting with the United States of America where she won a distance of over 3,200 meters. She then took part in the athlete competitions that took place in France where she also achieved a victory over a distance of 3000 m with a good record ranked in 5th position among world records. She then traveled to Belgium where she also won the 5 km distance with a good record for this year, then to Switzerland for the same cause, as part of looking for a ticket giving her the access to take part in a final where she won the trophy over a distance of 5 km. “This trophy that you see is the first to return to Burundi. It’s a blessing for my family and for my country,” said Mrs. Niyonsaba.

After that long journey that she made in the different countries of the world, the athlete Niyonsaba finally went to Zagreb in Croatia where she was the first to finish over a distance of 2000 m with a world record of 5 min 21 56 thirds seconds. “This is a world record that Burundi has won since its existence,” said Niyonsaba while thanking his supporters and the population who showed him a warm welcome on his arrival.

Miss Niyonsaba took the opportunity to thank all those who encouraged her to continue her journey, especially the coaches from Burundi and those from Kenya where she trained.

She also pledged that she will continue to move forward even if it means securing another victory in a world championship next year in the United States of America.

One of his supporters from Ruyigi province by the name of Félicien Bazishaka said he came to welcome their renowned international athlete Niyonsaba who broke the international record at 2000m, which is a great honor for Burundi and her family in general and for women’s sport in particular. Mr. Bazishaka called on all Burundian athletes to take the good model of Niyonsaba and be determined to work miracles while using courage and patience which bear good fruits for their nation.

As for those who think that such talents are reserved for men, Mr. Bazishaka pointed out that athlete Niyonsaba has just proved to them that the female sex is also capable at the national, continental and world level.

From the airport to Martyrs Square, athlete Niyonsaba stopped to greet the people before taking a break at Independence Square to finally finish his tour at the Kiriri Garden Hotel.