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Retailers of school supplies do not welcome the measure of the Ministry in charge of Trade that fix the prices of notebooks


Sep 3, 2021

BUJUMBURA September 2nd (ABP) – Retailers of school supplies are in disapproval after the recent action by the Ministry of Trade, Transport, Industry and Tourism to fix the prices of notebooks.

Indeed, the price of the 100-sheet notebook remained the same, 1200 BIF, while the price of the 60-sheet notebook, which was 900 BIF, was set at 750 BIF. It is the same for the notebook of 48 sheets whose price has gone from 800 to 650 BIF, and that of 36 sheets from 700 to 550 BIF.

In the interior of the country, those prices have increased by 50 BIF for all types of notebooks, even the 100-sheet one.

One of the merchants of those items, who spoke to a check by ABP, lamented that the Ministry in charge of Trade had lowered the prices of notebooks.

The retailers met in the ex-central market of Bujumbura also lament the means given for the rental of places because some have paid double compared to the others.

“We have the same seats, but there are people who have paid 200,000 BIF for the rental of the seats and others who have paid 100,000 BIF.” Those who paid 200,000 BIF demand that justice should be done to them and that the 100,000 BIF should be returned to them.

Note, however, that those retailers respect the prices set by the Ministry of Trade in its attributions.