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Campus France welcomes Burundian students who want to pursue their higher education in France


Aug 19, 2021

BUJUMBURA August 19th (ABP) – The Ambassador of the Republic of France to Burundi, Mr. Stéphane Gruenberg, during a press conference organized on Tuesday August 17, 2021, indicated that the Campus France welcomes Burundian students who wish to continue their higher education in France.

Created in 2010, Campus France is a French agency responsible for promoting higher education, hospitality and international mobility, said Mr. Gruenberg. The agency is under the dual supervision of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

According to Mr. Gruenberg, Campus France is an international network of more than 250 diplomatic spaces and posts in more than 120 countries. He said that the Campus France space in Burundi was created at the French Institute. It welcomes Burundian students who wish to pursue their higher education in France, guides them and supports them in the realization of their application.

Mr. Gruenberg also indicated that Campus France has processed around 1,600 applications this year against 550 in 2020. France is attractive for Burundi because of the quality training of Burundians in certain fields, in particular commerce, human sciences, social science and engineering, he stressed.

In France, school fees are among the lowest in the world thanks to the real cost of studies being covered by the State. The actual cost of a student is thus € 14,000 per year and payable by the state, Mr. Gruenberg pointed out.

According to the Ambassador of the Republic of France in Burundi, France has been a member of the global partnership for education since its creation in 2002. To date, France has already contributed nearly 347 million euros to that partnership. dollars, said Mr. Gruenberg, adding that his country has planned for Burundi an amount of 40 million euros for the period 2009-2025, as part of that global partnership for education, through the French Agency for the development.