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Young people are called on to take up trades with courage


Aug 11, 2021

BUJUMBURA August 11th (ABP) – Young unemployed people are called upon to take up trades with courage in order to become more professional, according to Mr. André Simbarakiye in an interview he gave to a check by ABP on Monday August 9, 2021.

A carpenter by training at Gihanga Vocational School, Simbarakiye said he was inspired by the talents of his paternal uncles who were carpenters. The 69-year-old Simbarakiye told ABP that he set up his own workshop in 1970 in Musaga. Thanks to his profession, he managed to get married easily and take care of his family without any problem. He also said that his job allowed him to pay for his children’s schooling. There are even some who attended university with funds from carpentry.

Mr. Simbarakiye also said that he trained many young people who later went to set up their own workshops. He added that there are also young people who come for a professional internship and who leave without performance because the carpentry trade is a job that requires courage and special attention.

It is for that reason that he asked young people who want to get into that profession to love the job as it takes to become more successful in order to earn money and support themselves. He further clarified that clients in this area monitor professional performance. Mr. Simbarakiye said he receives customers based on the appreciation of his items.

According to that carpenter, customers have a strong influence on professional performance and therefore on quality. He gives work following the orders and selects those who have been trained so as not to lose. He asks young people to do everything possible to become professional and successful in practice to support themselves.

Regarding the difficulties encountered in his work, he deplored the fire in his workshop in 1989 which devastated everything he had and the crises linked to the civil wars that the country went through which destabilized him. Mr. Simbarakiye, however, said he is satisfied with the milestone achieved despite those crises.