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The First Deputy President of the Senate calls on the representatives of the people to self-assessment


Jul 29, 2021

KAYANZA July 29th (ABP) – The First Deputy President of the Burundi Senate, Mrs. Spès Caritas Njebarikanuye, along with some parliamentarians elected in Kayanza province (northern Burundi), met on Tuesday July 27 with administrative officials, faith leaders, representatives of cooperatives and political parties from Kabarore, Matongo, Muruta and Gatara communes as well as heads of provincial services.

The objective of that meeting was to discuss the missions of representatives of the people, from the village to the provincial level, and to collect the testimonies of people aged 60 and over on the 1972 crisis, a check in Kayanza by ABP has revealed.

In his welcome speech, the governor of Kayanza, Colonel Rémy Cishahayo, outlined the overall situation in the province. He said security is generally good throughout the province and that political parties, religious denominations and administration at different levels maintain good relations.

                                                                                                 View of the meeting participants

In her speech for the occasion, the first deputy president of the Senate called on the representatives of the people at different levels to self-assess to see if they have reached the bet or not and to scrupulously respect all the laws and rules governing them.

Mrs. Njebarikanuye further urged them to stop drunkenness, corruption and fraud. She took the opportunity to recommend meeting participants to ensure that concubine behavior is eradicated because, she said, some men from Kayanza go to look for labor in different parts of the country and remarry while their legal wives remained in their communes of origin.