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More than 180 bags of Burundi Cement Company subject to speculation have been seized


Jul 28, 2021

MUYINGA July 28th (ABP) – More than 180 bags of cement from Burundi Cement Company (BUCECO) subject to speculation were seized on Sunday evening by the communal administrator of Muyinga, Muyinga province (north-eastern Burundi), Mr Amédée Misago, a check in Muyinga by ABP has revealed.

The cement was hidden in a storeroom in the central market of Muyinga and was sold illegally for 32,000 BIF while the legal price is 24,500 BIF.

The 185 bags were confiscated by the communal administration and will be sold at the official price, Mr. Misago said. The hunt for speculative traders has only just begun, he said.

Traders of Brarudi products are also in the sights of that communal authority. A retailer of those products who sold at illegal prices was fined 100,000 BIF.

The communal administrator said he was determined to fine any trader who violates the law.