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The company FOMI has received permission to export its products


Jul 20, 2021

BUJUMBURA July 20th (ABP) – The organo-mineral fertilizer industries (FOMI) company currently has three ISO international standardization certificates allowing it to export its products abroad.

Those certificates were granted to the company FOMI by the experts of a Swiss company (SQS) competent in certification of ISO standards, after a two-day audit carried out in that company.

The experts thus assigned three standards to FOMI, namely ISO 9001 which concerns the organization and implementation of processes, ISO 14001 which concerns the protection of nature and reducing as much as possible the environmental impact for the activities of the company and ISO 45001 which concerns the protection of employees for safety and health at work, indicated Mr. Remon Teguza, speaking on behalf of the said experts.

                                                                                               FOMI DG Simon Ntirampeba

The certificates given to the company FOMI are process certificates and not product certificates, Teguza said, adding that the laboratory certification will also be done to certify FOMI products.

FOMI Director General Simon Ntirampeba said he was satisfied with the certification, meaning that it will allow the company to export its products to the international market.