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Launch of cropping season C in the Mubarazi swamps


Jul 15, 2021

MURAMVYA July 15th (ABP) – The Provincial Environment, Agriculture and Livestock Bureau (BPEAE) in Muramvya (center-west of Burundi), in partnership with the Farming Sector Development Project (PRODEFI), proceeded on Monday, July 12, to the launch of the sowing campaign of maize and beans for cropping season C on more than 70 hectares of the Mubarazi swamps which extend over the communes of Mbuye and Rutegama of the province of Muramvya.

BPEAE Muramvya Director Ali Kassim said that they are sowing early-ripening crops, namely maize and dwarf-like beans so that by the end of November farmers can grow other crops in those Mubarazi swamps which have an area of ​​around 130 hectares.

That activity linked to the sowing campaign of maize and beans as associative crops in the Mubarazi swamps developed by PRODEFI concerns approximately 74 hectares where 1834 kg of hybrid maize as seeds, organo-mineral fertilizers and insecticides have already been made available free of charge by PRODEFI, according to Albert Babona speaking on behalf of PRODEFI.

Regarding the measures to be taken for the sowing in time, he said that they have sensitized the people so that all the fields are already plowed and to stay only with the sowing activity. For the moment, he has asked the territorial administration to help with awareness-raising so that this campaign does not exceed a week.

Note that on the first day of the campaign launch, it was noted that agricultural technicians from the village to the province already seemed to be settling down at their respective appointments in those developed swamps. Unfortunately, farmers want to be content, against their will, with the sowing commonly called “Jujuta”.