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Five health centers will be equipped with hydraulic infrastructures


Jul 15, 2021

BUJUMBURA July 15th (ABP) – The NGO PAD (Pro Action Development) in collaboration with Enabel, made a technical presentation on Tuesday July 13 of the social intermediation project “water, hygiene and sanitation” for field partners such as the administration, the holders of the health centers and the chairpersons of the communal water supply authorities in order to support the work to supply drinking water to those health centers, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

This involves informing the field partners of this project, which will be implemented in 25 health centers (CDSs) across the country in the provinces of Kirundo (north), Muramvya (center-west), Bujumbura (west) and Rumonge (southwest), what will be done, and the duration of the project, said Ferdinand Kahenga, Burundi coordinator of the NGO PAD, before requesting their involvement in the proper implementation of this project.

The adviser to the governor in charge of development, Mr. Ezéchiel Mpongera who opened the workshop, recalled that water is an essential resource for good health. He commended that project which will be financed by Enabel, in addition to the other infrastructures built under the financing of the Enabel consortium.

He called on the field partners and the beneficiaries to be available whenever they are called upon for the smooth running of the drinking water supply works for those health care facilities, promising that the governor’s office will spare no effort to support any initiative likely to promote the well-being of the people.

Mr. Mathieu Studer, infrastructure expert and technical assistant at Enabel, urged the field partners and the beneficiaries of those infrastructures to properly maintain the works and infrastructures built by the Enabel, and especially to take ownership of them for their durability.