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Towards the proper functioning of ISCAM, Military Paramedical School and Military School of Trades


Jun 26, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 26th (ABP) – The Cabinet Meeting held on Thursday June 24, 2021 considered, among other things, the draft joint ministerial ordinance setting the treatments of permanent military teachers and fees of non-permanent military and civilians, to the Higher Institute of Military Executives (ISCAM).

The Cabinet also analyzed two ordinances concerning the modalities of granting the costs of supervision to the healthcare facilities and the health professors taking care of the interns from the Military Paramedical School (EPMM) as well as the granting of the fees to the civilian teachers and members of the jury at the Military School of Trades (EMM).

The Cabinet made several observations. They found that there is a need to check the legal basis on which ISCAM teachers are currently treated. Salaries and other benefits cannot go beyond those granted to teachers at the University of Burundi, members of the government noted. According to them, the supervision of students is part of the specifications that should not be taken on for additional load requiring a special premium. They therefore proposed that military teachers be governed by the bylaws of officers and those remunerated according to their grades and then grant them substantial bonuses to bring them into line with the same level of remuneration as that of other teachers in public universities. Regarding the bonus of titles, the Cabinet stressed that this is done only when it is the employer who has sent for training the individual concerned.

In the same context of education, the Cabinet debated the draft ordinance relating to the granting of supervision costs to health care facilities and to health professionals taking care of interns from the Military paramedical school (EPMM). The Cabinet has found that it is necessary to verify the legal basis on which those costs are granted. They proposed that the lump sum paid quarterly to supervisors should go to the host facilities and not to individuals. The lump sum remitted to hospitals hosting interns should take into account the number of interns received. Unpaid debts will not be regularized because they have no legal basis, the Cabinet stressed.

Regarding the fees granted to civilian teachers and members of the jury of the Military School of Trades (EMM), the Cabinet noted that the fees provided for civilian teachers in that school greatly exceed those granted to teachers in the national education sector. A member of the jury should not benefit from the honoraria per hour because it is part of their specifications for which they are paid, the Cabinet noted.

The three draft ordinances concerning ISCAM, EPMM and EMM will be reworked to be brought back to the Cabinet Meeting.