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Spokespersons from ministries and public institutions have hosted a public program


Jun 26, 2021

MAKAMBA June 26th (ABP) – Spokespersons from ministries and public institutions hosted a public program on Friday, June 25, 2021 in Makamba (southern Burundi) to answer questions from journalists and the people.

The spokesperson for the Head of State, Mrs. Evelyne Butoyi, indicated that the President of the Republic thanks the people and especially the defense and security forces that participate in the maintenance of peace and security. The people are called upon to strengthen the quadrilogy so that they go about the development works, and the government is ready to set the prices of all harvests from food crops.

Mrs. Butoyi indicated that the President of the Republic asks the services of the Provincial Office of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock to help people in field works to increase production for each mouth to have what to eat and every pocket money. He asks the administration to organize summer works to supervise the pupils who will soon be going on vacation. Those pupils have to do income-generating works in order to have money.

According to the spokesperson for the Head of State, the people are called upon to prepare for the days dedicated to solidarity and the district. Mrs. Butoyi further indicated that soon the European Union’s sanctions against Burundi will be lifted as the dialogue between Burundi and the EU reaches its peak.

Regarding the activities of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), the Secretary General of the Government, Mr. Prosper Ntahorwamiye, indicated that the work of the TRC is commendable. He said that the signs and testimonies showed that there was a genocide perpetrated by the Micombero’s power even if the competent authorities have not yet qualified those killings as genocide. On the nuance of the activities undertaken by the TRC and the Senate, Mr. Ntahorwamiye indicated that it is the complementarity of activities to have the long sought truth.

In the peace and security sector, the spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior, Public Security and Community Development, Mr. Pierre Nkurikiye, said the police have already apprehended 14 people who carried out the attacks at Rusaka in Mwaro province (center-west), 12 people were arrested in Muramvya (center-west) while 3 others were arrested in the Bujumbura city council (west). He said the investigations are over and so far they have brought the cases to justice.

Regarding the demolition of anarchic constructions, Mr. Nkurikiye indicated that the demolition of those infrastructures refers to the sketch drawn up by the city planning services and especially that the government gave compensation to free up the spaces near the grip of the national road while indicating that the decision to demolish the anarchically built infrastructures even concerns public infrastructures if ever the standards in force have not been respected.

On the issue of the harmonization of salaries, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Employment indicated that a commission was set up to regularize employees of personalized administration institutions.

As for the permanent stabling of domestic animals, the spokesperson for the Ministry in charge of Livestock reassured the stockbreeders that a hay factory is being considered to help the stockbreeders to have food for the cattle.