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The people of Burundi are called on to donate blood


Jun 16, 2021

BUJUMBURA June 16th (ABP) – The office of the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against AIDS released on Monday June 14, on the eve of the celebration of World Blood Donor Day which is celebrated on June 14 of each year, a statement to give certain directives.

The permanent secretary in the said ministry, Dr Jean Baptiste Nzorironkankuze who read the statement, indicated that the theme chosen for the 2021 edition is “Give your blood to make the heart of the world beat”. He said few people have volunteered to donate blood during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The celebration of the said day is an opportunity to thank those who voluntarily took the initiative to donate blood to save lives,” he said.

The Ministry in charge of Public Health also takes this opportunity to invite anyone in good health, aged between 17 and 60, weighing more than 50 kg, who is not a pregnant woman, to donate blood.

Dr Nzorironkankuze pointed out that safe blood and safe transfusion are essential aspects of providing quality care because, he said, they save the seriously injured and mothers who suffer from bleeding during the delivery.

Blood is also needed for surgical procedures as well as for the treatment of severe anemia, hereditary blood disorders and other conditions.

The Ministry responsible for Health urges the people to donate pure blood and invites the centers in charge of collection and blood transfusion to keep it well to avoid consequences linked to the lack of safety of that vital product.

In Burundi, the celebration of World Blood Donor Day, 2021 edition, will take place on June 24 in Gitega, Dr Nzorironkankuze said.