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Activities of the Bukanda health center have been officially launched


Jun 12, 2021

BURURI June 12th (ABP) – The diocese of Bururi, in collaboration with the provincial health office of Bururi, proceeded on Thursday, June 10, with the official launch of the activities of the health center of Bukanda under a Catholic convention, in the Gitwaro village, Vyanda commune.

The premises of that health center were built years ago thanks to a priest, Albert Ndizeye, from Gitwaro village, who received financial support from his Italian friends.

The people of Bukanda warmly thanked the diocese of Bururi in general and Priest Albert Ndizeye in particular for that very important donation for the people of the locality because, before the patients went either to the health centers of Gitsiro, Bugeni and or Bwatemba all located more than ten kilometers away.

That infrastructure is built in a locality far from other healthcare facilities, indicated the legal adviser to the governor’s office, Mrs. Annociate Ndayikunda, reason why the beneficiary people of that health center are called upon to maintain it well.

It is the same observation made by the vicar of the diocese of Bururi, Mgr. Leonidas Nitereka, who indicated that the health center of Bukanda will respect the instructions of the government of Burundi concerning free healthcare for children aged under five years old and pregnant women even if the health center has not yet joined the performance-based financing system.

Note that ten patients who were on site benefited from consultations and medication free of charge.