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The Senate recommended the support of the media in sensitizing the people to bear witness to the bloody events of 1972 to build a better Burundi


Jun 8, 2021

GITEGA June 8th (ABP) – The Burundi Senate President Emmanuel Sinzohagera recommended that media officials and journalists on June 7, 2021 to join the Senate in its efforts to eradicate ethnic divisions through research of the truth about the bloody events of 1972.

Mr. Sinzohagera made the appeal at a meeting organized by the Senate to media officials and journalists to enlighten them on a series of lectures and reflections in connection with the events of 1972.

Through those conferences, the Senate aims at an ultimate goal of creating a better way to reconcile the Burundians and build a new just and equitable Burundi, Mr. Sinzohagera explained.

He said the Senate also aims to reassure the descendants of the perpetrators of the 1972 crimes who are afraid when the name of their parent is mentioned. “Let them be quiet and let them know that no one is punished for a crime of which they are not the perpetrator”, explained Mr. Sinzohagera, adding that “children do not inherit crimes committed by their parents”.

To the Burundians, he called on getting rid of the mania to globalize things, deploring that this is part of what has undermined our country.

“The ethnic group does not kill but rather it is the bad political governance that kills”, he repeated on several occasions to convince the audience to sensitize the people to testify on the events of 1972 without evasion, gently, without exaggeration and without spitefulness.

In terms of exchanges, the participants asked questions to learn more about the scope of the above-mentioned conferences and satisfactory answers were given to them.