• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Call for protection of farmland to increase production


Aug 22, 2023

MAKAMBA August 22nd (ABP) – With the aim of increasing agricultural production and protecting cultivable land against runoff, Makamba commune began last week the campaign of drawing contour lines, digging logs and compost bins.

The administrator’s development adviser, Mr. Leonard Nishimwe, told the people that drawing those contour lines and digging the logs in their properties, protects the fertility of the soil and from not being carried away to the valleys. It also contributes to having a large agricultural production.

Mr. Nishimwe also advised people to grow a vegetable garden to fight against malnutrition in families.

The provincial coordinator of civil protection, Mr. Joseph Minani, recalled that people must take ownership of the program of environmental protection and arable land so that every mouth has something to eat and every pocket, money.

Mr. Minani also invited the people to plant fixing grasses on the contour lines.

The communal administration took the opportunity to ask non-governmental organizations working in the environment and agriculture sector to actively participate in that campaign.