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Mushroom farming, an agricultural activity for a better tomorrow


Jun 14, 2023

GITEGA June 14th (ABP) – Members of the Sangwe Cooperative of Bwoga village, in Gitega commune and province (center of the country) practicing mushroom farming, testified, with confidence, to be on the right way out of poverty thanks to the support of the NGO One Acre Fund Tubura.

They expressed such feeling of satisfaction during a visit made by the adviser to the provincial governor, Mrs. Marie Nindemera, in the company of certain executives of the said organization in the mushroom field of that cooperative. According to an agronomist who supervises the cooperative, Mrs. Giuseppe Roselle Niyibimpa, this mature field expects to produce 3000 kg, at the rate of BIF 5,000 per kg, which implies that the production of the field amounts to BIF 15 million, on an area of one acre, she said. She also said that the mushroom is of paramount nutritional importance, because it is a healthy meat, with a high calcium and protein content.

The leader of the Cooperative, Mrs. Magnifique Niyongere, said that mushroom farming is the best agricultural activity that can pull the rural world out of poverty. For further clarification, Mrs. Niyongere recalled that a kilo of mushrooms is sold for BIF 5,000. It is therefore more profitable than beans or maize, she stressed. Mrs. Niyongere testified that the members of the cooperative are satisfied with the profitability of the project, promising that they will spare no effort to work harder in order to move forward.

Beforehand, the NGO One Acre Tubura, had made the adviser to the provincial governor visit the mushroom sprouters of the Sangwe cooperative of Kiremera, in the Kiremera village, Giheta commune. The cooperative’s agronomist pointed out that growing mushrooms requires patience, self-sacrifice and foresight.

The advisor to the provincial governor expressed her gratitude to that organization. She indicated that the latter ranks among the best partners in the province, arguing that it helps people implement the slogan of the Burundi government “In each pocket, money; and in each mouth, food”, which aims for the well-being of every Burundian citizen.

To the beneficiaries of the support of that organization, Mrs. Nindemera recommended to take advantage of it to develop. Also, she asked them to popularize the knowledge acquired on mushroom farming in their communities. Thus, she asked the organization Tubura to extend its interventions in all the communes, promising that the administration will remain by its side.

In his feedback with regard to that request, the coordinator of local relations in that organization, Mr. David Bizimana, said the request will be taken into account.