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The inhabitants of Ngozi remember the deeds of the late President Nkurunziza


Jun 7, 2023

NGOZI June 7th (ABP) – The inhabitants of the city of Ngozi praise the patriotic spirit displayed by President Pierre Nkurunziza his during lifetime.

Those interviewed by a check in Ngozi by ABP remember the advice he constantly gave to Burundians in general and to the inhabitants of Ngozi in particular, on patriotic love, the maintenance and preservation of peace and security. They let it be known that President Nkurunziza is the initiator of social moralization program which gives Burundians the opportunity to meditate in depth on the country, the place that should be reserved for it, civic obligations, to name but a few.

Particularly for the province of Ngozi, they are grateful for the spectacular development observed since 2005.

The city of Ngozi has grown considerably and is equipped with modern infrastructure, namely hotels, social infrastructure, modern stadiums, such as Rukundo, Agasaka, manufacturing units have been set up, in particular agribusiness processing factories, breweries and other factories. It was under the Nkurunziza regime that the city of Ngozi paved its urban roads over more than 20 km. The inhabitants still remember the impassability of the National Road linking the town of Ngozi to the political capital Gitega, which was asphalted under the power of Nkurunziza.

They find that President Nkurunziza has brought honor to his country and his native province and deserves great respect nationally and internationally.