• Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Association management training

KAYANZA June 6th (ABP) – The lack of vision in the management of associations is one of the obstacles facing associations, which has a negative impact on their development.

This was said during a training campaign organized since Friday June 2, 2023 for representatives of associations operating in Butaganzwa commune.

Those lessons were prepared by the communal administration of Butaganzwa in collaboration with the collective of organizations for the integrated development of the people (CODIP), a check by ABP revealed.

The goal of those lessons, which focused on leadership, increased production and good management of associations and projects, was to encourage the representatives of the associations to become aware of the mission assigned to them, according to the Butaganzwa communal representative of CODIP, Mr. Donatien Bukuru.

The latter indicated that some of those representatives of the associations were groping in their management which, for him, often resulted in the dislocation of some of them. He was delighted that the lessons taught will allow the beneficiaries to change the way they carry out the activities.

Now, he added, representatives of the associations will have the vision, which will allow the associations and their members to grow. Given that the youth bank and the women’s bank have been set up, Mr. Bukuru asked the Burundian government to think about associations and adults, so that they too benefit from repayable loans, but without interests.

The administrator of that commune, Mrs. Janvière Kanyana, recommended to the representatives of the associations to have the enthusiasm for the development works and to manage as a good father the heritage of the associations they represent. The representatives of the associations who have benefited from those lessons have, in turn, promised to improve the image of their associations.