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The communal administration takes issue with the illegal exploitation of gold


Jun 5, 2023

CIBITOKE June 5th (ABP) – A gold miner died, and two others were injured, on Thursday June 1, under a landslide, at Mageyo hill in Mabayi commune, Cibitoke province.

The disappeared was a certain Nestor Mpawenimana, while the injured are respectively Jean Marie Nimbona hospitalized in Mabayi, and the brother of the dead, Mathias Nkundimana, slightly injured, and it was he who called for help.

Well-informed sources indicate that the three miners were mining gold illegally.

The communal administrator of Mabayi, Nicodème Ndahabonyimana, confirms that information while deploring the incident. However, he disagrees with clandestine gold mining, and calls on his constituents who ignore the law, to stop that dangerous practice. He also appeals to approved mining cooperatives to insure their employees, while gold miners must clear ditches and holes each time there is a storm.