• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

GBV, a serious problem requiring work in synergy


Jun 3, 2023

KAYANZA June 3rd (ABP) – As part of the implementation of the activities of the project “Support for gender equality and the fight against sexual and gender-based violence” funded by the UNDP, the Ministry of national solidarity, social affairs, human rights and gender, organized on Monday, May 29, 2023, follow-up and coaching visits for “Imboneza” leaders and their supervisors in the Matongo and Kayanza communes of Kayanza province, a check by ABP revealed.

According to Célénie Ndayisaba, coordinator of the provincial directorate of family and social development in Kayanza, gender-based violence is a reality in that province. She said that 10 minors suffered sexual violence in May 2023. However, she commended the synergistic work that characterizes different actors in the fight against gender-based violence, while specifying that the perpetrators of the latter are often apprehended and sentenced by the courts. Mrs. Ndayisaba added that the administration at different levels, the police, the prosecution and the courts work closely together to limit or even eradicate gender-based violence.

                                                                   View of community leaders and their supervisors

Addressing community leaders and their supervisors, the expert in the prevention of gender-based violence (GBV) and employee of the ministry responsible for gender, Mr. Gédéon Niyonkuru, said that this interactive dialogue was organized in order to encourage, support and accompany them in their daily mission to prevent and fight against sexual and gender-based violence because, he insisted, it has become commonplace, especially in the Kayanza, Ngozi, Kirundo, Rumonge and Bururi provinces.

He indicated that the role of those community leaders and their supervisors is essential in the community, because they intervene in the peaceful resolution of family conflicts and in the prevention of gender-based violence. He took the opportunity to invite participants to serve as a light that never goes out and to maintain permanent communication and dialogue to prevent conflicts and other cases of violence that could arise.

As for couples, Mr. Niyonkuru urged them to consult each other before taking such or other decision for the interest of their families in particular and the community in general.

The community leaders and their supervisors have, for their part, undertaken to make trips to the level of basic units and to multiply the dialogues to bring the couples in conflict and those who may enter into it at any moment, to live in symbiosis.