• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Agricultural supervisors are satisfied with the rice harvest


Jun 3, 2023

NGOZI June 3rd (ABP) – Agricultural supervisors in Ngozi province say they are satisfied with the rice production recorded this year.

The Director of the Provincial Bureau of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, Émile Kubwimana, cites the marshes of Nyacijima I, Nyacijima II, Nyamuswaga, Narupfu, Buyongwe, etc. The Nyacijima II marsh had been set up as a model for the trial of the japanico variety this season. All rice farmers should transplant that variety. They had also benefited from seeds of the said variety.

Mr. Kubwimana testifies to the very remarkable performances of the variety, which can reach 5 to 7 tons per hectare. It is, according to him, a variety very resistant to pests and other pathologies.

On the other side on Nyamuswaga I, it’s a new variety from China, Cibuco. It was tested within the framework of Sino-Burundian cooperation. It also performed very well. Those performances were recorded due to the effective supervision of agronomist technicians at all levels and who fought remarkably well against the armyworm which attacked a large area of the rice-growing marshes of Ngozi last March.

Emile Kubwimana urges rice farmers to continue growing both varieties. The owners of the marshes are also called upon to make the plots profitable during this dry season by growing vegetable crops there.