• Sat. Jun 3rd, 2023

The rise in the price of cherries delights the coffee growers of the Nyamurenza commune


May 26, 2023

NGOZI May 26th (ABP) – The coffee growers met on Wednesday picking coffee cherries in the Rurama village of the Birambi zone in the Nyamurenza commune, say they are delighted with the increase in the price of coffee to the producer.

According to Bizimana Daniel, one of the coffee growers interviewed, the price of 1280 per kilo of cherries is very encouraging: “Coffee growers have taken courage with the recent rise in the price of cherries. It has left gone from 700 BIF to 1280 per kilo. This gives hope to coffee growers”.

For Pauline Nduwumwe, another coffee grower met in another field, this price will provide some income to make some dreams come true in the coffee growers’ households. She says she has already agreed with her husband to build a decent house this summer. All the coffee growers interviewed agree in asking the government of Burundi to make mineral manure and phytosanitary products available in time to reconnect with proper maintenance of the coffee trees.

They also express a wish for another price increase for the following campaign in order to approach the prices practiced in neighboring countries, which will contribute enormously in the fight against fraud in coffee destined for neighboring countries.