• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Teaming up in self-development cooperatives, one of the factors of women’s empowerment


May 25, 2023

BUBANZA May 25th (ABP) – The organization in self-development cooperatives is one of the factors of the empowerment of Burundian women; these are the words of women, members of the “Cooperative for the Development of Women of Musigati “(CODEFAM), met on Tuesday May 23, 2023, at the headquarters of that commune of Bubanza province (North-West).

According to the deputy leader of the said cooperative, Mrs. Chantal Gahimbare, it was founded in 2020, with the objective of bringing women members to empowerment.

It started with 52 women, with a capital of 52,000 BIF. They made parcels, rosaries, soybean porridge, weaving clothes and others, said Mrs. Gahimbare. Currently, the cooperative has a capital of 950,000 BIF. However, following the lack of flow of their handicrafts, members take small loans, within their cooperatives, to trade in food at the Musigati market, she said.

Some of the members met at the workplace, in Musigati commune, are delighted that they currently form a family, and help each other, if necessary.

Mrs. Sérapie Ntihebuwayo, one of the members contacted, testifies that this cooperative has been beneficial to her because she no longer expects everything from her husband. “I have already bought land for my small family, and have a stand for the food trade at the Musigati market”.

The deputy leader of CODEFAM and the other members indicate that their cooperative is preparing for growing rice, maize and soybeans for the next season A. The other project they intend to implement is the education of young girls on the appropriate behavior to adopt and on their self-development, in order to limit unwanted pregnancies.

They call on other women to organize or join cooperatives because it is beneficial for them and their households.