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The CNC suspended thirty songs


Apr 30, 2023

BUJUMBURA April 26th (ABP) – The  chairperson of the national media council, CNC, Vestine Nahimana, banned, on Monday April 24, 2023 in Bujumbura, the broadcasting in all media working on Burundian territory, of 33 songs by singers Fizzo, Ado Jason, and Natacha, etc., in order to preserve the mores of Burundian culture.

She also indicated that information, music and images undermining morality and good morals were viewed and recorded on radios and television chairs, namely: Kazoza FM, National Radio, Iteka FM, Buja FM, Igicu FM , Mashariki TV, Isanganiro TV and IngoMag.

Ingomag and Aforevo tv, from the company Startimes come first in the violation of Burundian mores, according to the CNC chairperson, specifying that the attack on morality and good mores was the most recurrent and serious fault during the 3rd quarter.

The CNC chairperson also indicated that the CNC has noted that since January to mid-April 2023, unbalanced remarks whose sources are not rigorously verified in the information disseminated or published by the media, have been recorded on BoneshaFM radio, in the Iwacu Newspaper, and in online media such as www.iwacu-burundi.org, Net press and Jimbere magazine and Ikiriho.

In addition, biased and tendentious treatment has been observed in the online media, among others, www.iwacu-burundi.org, net press, Jimbere and on the radios, Rema FM, Isanganiro, Izere FM and Bonesha FM. Defamatory writings or remarks against people were broadcast by radio Rema Fm, Isanganiro, Izere and Bonesha FM, including the printed newspaper of Iwacu and the site www.iwacu-burundi.org.

The CNC chairperson pointed out, moreover, the apology of the crime, was noted on the National Radio and the newspaper Iwacu, while insults to the head of state were identified in the contents of the Bonesha FM radio.

She did not fail to specify that disguised incitement to revolt, civil disobedience and demonstrations were broadcast by Bonesha FM, radio France internationale and published by the newspaper Iwacu, while writings or remarks inciting hatred politics and ethnicity were found in the printed newspaper Iwacu and the Jimbere and Iwacu websites.

According to vestine nahimana, the denigration and exaggeration of the facts were read in the newspaper and site Iwacu as well as the attack on order, public security, and brotherhood. The propaganda remarks were noted and observed in the Iwacu newspaper and in online media such as Net press and the Iwacu site. She also cited other facts such as insults and the non-separation of facts from comments and exaggerations of facts that have been identified in the Iwacu newspaper and site, Radio FM and Jimbere as well as plagiarism in Iwacu.

The CNC chairperson took that opportunity to remind the media of other professional misconduct that should not be taken lightly, such as non-compliance with editorial guidelines, non-compliance with program schedules, regularity and the periodicity, the changes of the steering committees of the media, without notifying the CNC, the non-signing of agreements or specifications, between the CNC and the media, to know the rights and obligations of each of the parties in the contract. She also mentioned the media who begin their activities without legal recognition and without being registered in the media directory, journalists who are not registered in the national media register, journalists who do not have the press card as well as the no respect for the principle of balance and pluralism and information.