• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The Burundi Red Cross flies to the aid of the 13 families of Mabayi


Apr 19, 2023

CIBITOKE April 19th  (ABP) – The representatives of the families of 13 gold miners who died in their activities, following the floods recorded, on Gafumbegeti hill, in Mabayi commune, salute the good deeds of the Burundi Red Cross (CRB) towards them.

It was Friday, April 14, when Jean Muhozinimana, who spoke on behalf of these families, thanked the CRB for this food and non-food assistance. He recalled that the CRB in collaboration with the government did everything to find equipment and means used to dig up the bodies of the 13 missing. But also, she helped for the dignified and secure burial of these disappeared, he added.

In his remarks, he did not forget to plead again in favor of certain families among the thirteen, who live in rental houses, or widows who were supported by some of the disappeared.

The communal administrator of Mabayi, Nicodème Ndahabonyimana also positively appreciated the activities of the Red Cross towards the vulnerable, and its contribution to risk reduction and disaster management.

As for the provincial secretary of the CRB, Jean Marie Vianney Ngendakumana, it was the volunteers of the Red Cross, in Mabayi commune, who took that initiative, after noting the vulnerability of these families.

Thus, they collected food with the support of other volunteers in other municipalities, he said. In this aid, each family was able to benefit from at least 60 kilograms of maize per family, 15 kilograms of beans, 16 kilograms of cassava for dough, vegetables and cabbage, in addition to cans and buckets for drawing water, without forgetting soaps.

The same official insisted that the CRB, through its principles, did not exclude any family, including that of the one buried in Kayanza, who also had a family in Mabayi commune, even for the families of the two from Murwi commune.