• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Every manager must contribute to the protection of the environment


Apr 19, 2023

CIBITOKE April 18th (ABP) – A hippopotamus cub, which was almost killed with a machete on Wednesday, April 12, by Rwandans, near the common Burundian-Rwandan border, is under intensive care by officials of the animal health in Cibitoke province, near the Ruhwa river.

The injured little animal, two or three days after its birth, was able to flee towards the Burundian shore, according to the provincial veterinarian, Mr. Jean Sindayigaya. It was young Burundians working in the countryside, who picked him up and informed the hill chief Rukana I, who was quick to call on veterinary officials. The latter went to the place, for suturing and administration of antibiotics to the animal by injection, we learn from the provincial veterinarian.

The village leader, meanwhile, took on the role of feeding this little hippopotamus, with three liters of cow’s milk, two or three times a day. For the provincial official of the Burundian Office for the Protection of the Environment (OBPE), Mr. Fidèle Nzigamiye, he has already contacted his superiors and the officials of the Rusizi National Park, for the care of this animal and moving it to the appropriate environment.

Note that poaching of hippos remains commonplace along the Rusizi River and especially among the Congolese.