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Towards the revitalization of the education system in Burundi


Apr 13, 2023

GITEGA April 11th  (ABP) – The Minister of National Education and Scientific Research Dr. François Havyarimana held on Friday April 7, 2023 in Gitega (center of the country), an exchange meeting for all senior executives of this ministry as well as the provincial directors of education (DPE), a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

On the agenda was the exchange on certain issues related to the lack of desks and teachers, the management of D7 teachers who teach courses in the 4th cycle of basic education, and others. Those questions were raised during visits by the minister to all the provinces in January 2023 were also on the agenda.

Concerning the passing of the competitive examination for admission to post-basic education, Minister Havyarimana solemnly informed that the period for passing the competitive examination is scheduled from May 30 to June 1, 2023. To this end, he asked the DPEs and the school officials to be well prepared to improve the success rate compared to last year’s results. He informed the DPEs and school officials that it is strictly forbidden to collect money from parents for the purpose of internment of candidates for the competition or to stimulate teachers to prepare their students for the competition, commonly known as the “reinforcement “.

The minister in charge of national education also urged all provincial directors of education to replace with university graduates all the D7 teachers who work in the 4th cycle of Basic Schools and to transfer them to the first three cycles of Basic Schools. That with the aim of improving the quality of education at the national level. It is for that reason that he also pointed out that until 2030 at the national level, each basic school will have a class at preschool level according to the new Education Sector Plan.

For the next school year, he said, about 50 basic schools of some provincial education directorates will set up these preschool classes to receive 5-year-old children. Minister Havyarimana also reported that the ministry intends to set up a computer room in each municipality by 2027 and to recruit computer specialists for the maintenance of the machines.

With regard to the glaring lack of desk benches in certain schools, Mr. Havyarimana indicated that he does not understand how this phenomenon is observed in certain DPEs while the Government of Burundi had deployed funds at the level of the communes to bet to this challenge. He regrets that in some municipalities, this money has been canceled while there are students who sit on the ground. He asked school officials, DCE and DPE to collaborate well with the administration so that these funds are used properly.