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Women are encouraged to invest in trades


Mar 8, 2023

GITEGA March 8th (ABP) – A teacher at the basic school of Giheta II, Mrs. Joselyne Ndihokubwayo, is delighted with her job of roasting pork in Gisuru village in Giheta commune of Gitega province (center of the country), being a civil servant, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Teacher Ndihokubwayo indicates that before embarking on that profession, she found that she was wasting several hours after work while the President of the Republic continues to call on people to work diligently so that each mouth has what to eat and every pocket, money. “As I liked to eat roasted meat, I realized that I can adhere to this profession of butcher,” she said, which most people in her village did not understand as she is a civil servant.

“I first discussed it with my husband who later accepted that I do this job which would contribute to the development of our family”, she added. She reports that she was initially discredited by the men but had the courage to continue her decision.

Teacher Ndihokubwayo warmly thanks all those who have supported her. She calls on other civil servants or rural women to wake up and not always take their husbands’ income into account but to learn trades whatever they are, so that they too can have the money to support themselves instead of engaging in bad behavior that can harm their lives. According to her, a woman worthy of the name must contribute effectively to the development of her family.

She calls on men to no longer prevent their wives from doing small jobs because, according to her, it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith and little by little, the bird makes its nest, they say.

Referring to the theme of World Women’s Day, 2023 edition “Committed leadership for innovative digitalization in favor of gender equality”, teacher Ndihokubwayo calls on the media to support women innovators by making public their activities.

Note that teacher Ndihokubwayo started her profession with a capital of 50,000 BIF, but that she currently has reached 500,000 BIF.