• Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

The political human rights situation is satisfactory, according to the CNIDH report for the 2022 financial year


Feb 27, 2023

BUJUMBURA February 27th (ABP) – The Chairman of the CNIDH, Dr Sixte Vigny Nimuraba, told the National Assembly, during the presentation of the annual report for the 2022 financial year, that the human rights situation is satisfactory in general.

According to Mr. Nimuraba, the political human rights situation is very satisfactory. He said that the political parties are functioning normally and have been able to organize their activities without problems, adding that the multiparty system is recognized in Burundi and that the current government is determined to restore the image of the country in the concert of nations.

The CNIDH Chair also pointed out that an improvement in the conditions of detention in Burundi and the reduction of prison overcrowding on the legal level, are observed. On the socio-economic level, he spoke of the continued implementation of the National Development Program (PND) 2018-2027, a negative blow of the lift valley fever in the livestock sector, and a shortage of fuel and basic necessities.

Mr. Nimuraba also highlighted the continuation of the free health care policy for children under 5 and pregnant women, the continuation of the free school fees policy for basic education in public schools and the establishment of school canteens to reduce the rate of school dropouts as well as the promotion of groupings in cooperatives, the teaching of trades without forgetting the promotion and financing of entrepreneurship programs for young people and women.

As part of the exercise of the advisory role, he said that the CNIDH has sent to the various State institutions such as the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Justice, correspondence inviting them to be diligent and prompt in the processing of files, for cases of irregularities noted by the CNIDH. Dr. Nimuraba also reported the holding of monthly meetings of the CNIDH with the focal points of the various ministries and partner institutions, with a view to contributing to the taking of appropriate measures.

                                                                View of the MPs

With regard to the rights of persons with specific needs, the CNIDH also recommended that the Government continue to implement the national strategy on durable solutions for the socio-economic reintegration of returnees and internally displaced persons, to promote the normative framework for the protection and defense of the rights of disaster victims and put in place a specific law on the protection of people with albinism.

The CNIDH also recommended that development partners continue to support Burundi and work in synergy to stem the phenomenon of people in vulnerable situations.

Regarding the right to housing, CNIDH also recommended to the Government to promote the construction of social housing in urban centers, making it possible to solve not only the lack of decent housing but also to contribute to the protection of arable land, without forgetting to establish relations with investors in the field of real estate in accordance with the national housing policy.