• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Development of tourist sites, a necessity


Feb 27, 2023

MWARO February 27th (ABP) – Tourism is the only business that a person can sell the product while keeping it. Tourists pass by and contemplate, leave money but also leave the site. This is said by the socio-cultural adviser to the governor of Mwaro province, Mr. Claver Ngurube, during an interview he gave to a check by ABP.

Mr. Ngurube said that Mwaro province is experiencing a lot of visitors in some places including the Agasumo ka Mwaro tourist site, a site which has a very important significance in belief in gods and the necropolis of the queen mothers of Mpotsa.

According to Ngurube, different sports associations, groups of individuals, employees or officials of different institutions come to visit those tourist sites. He reported that there are even great people who have already visited the Agasumo ka Mwaro tourist site.

As challenges, Mr. Ngurube clarified that the sites are not protected. They don’t even have tour guides who can tell the related story. In his view, the sites should be fenced off to prevent people from entering and leaving them as they wish. It is also necessary to develop the sites internally by erecting traditional straw houses. These houses must be equipped with traditional objects used by the ancestors. Mr. Ngurube calls on the State or the private person who has the financial means to take into account or rent the tourist sites to exploit them because they are profitable, he explained.