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The NGO World Vision has provided significant support to the communal directorates of education in its area of intervention


Feb 17, 2023

KARUSI February 17th (ABP) – The Provincial Director of Education (DPE) in Karusi, Ferdinand Havyarimana, warmly thanks the NGO World Vision of Karusi for its significant support in the communal directorates of education (DCEs) of Gitaramuka, Bugenyuzi and Gihogazi during the reception, on Tuesday, February 14, of three photocopiers incorporated with printers.

The photocopiers offered to the three DCEs are worth 24 million francs, says the World Vision Manager in Karusi. On request and presentation of the exorbitant costs of photocopies made during the passing of the communal tests and or networks organized by the DCE in their daily services, the NGO World Vision thought of the financing of that important activity of initiation to the national examinations, the DPE said. Indeed, 1,600,000 francs per term and per DCE will be saved thanks to that support, he adds.

The NGO World Vision also contributes to the construction of infrastructure, the case of the basic school of Rusengo in Bugenyuzi, latrines in Gitaramuka and Bugenyuzi as well as the development of eight sites respectively five in Gitaramuka and three in Bugenyuzi for kindergarten children.

The provincial director of education also informs that this organization offered, last school year, 714 benches and that training sessions for the management committees of the various school establishments took place and continue.