• Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

Young people living with disabilities say they are satisfied with the results of the trades learned


Feb 9, 2023

RUMONGE February 9th (ABP) – Young people living with disabilities working within the Association for the Development of People Living with Disabilities (ADH), say they are satisfied with the fruits from the trades learned in the said association.

According to Bindariye Dani Kasembe, leader and founder of that association, the idea of setting up the association for the development of people with disabilities in Rumonge province came when he saw people living with disabilities begging while they had the ability to learn trades (crafts) that would enable them to earn a living. Thus, he took the initiative to bring them together in association, especially young people, to teach them his painting profession. The young people evolving within that association positively appreciate the trade of painting and sewing that they have learned. This is the case of a young graduate Benoît Niyukuri who managed to continue his university studies thanks to the means drawn from painting, a trade learned after secondary studies. He also adds that he currently lives from that job.

Even if the situation presents itself as such, the association for the development of people living with disabilities in Rumonge faces a challenge linked to the lack of a center where various activities can be carried out, as indicated by the leader of that association because, he insisted, the association must spend a lot to rent the infrastructure welcoming young learners. He therefore asks the ministry responsible for solidarity and the provincial administration to provide them with a center for people living with disabilities so that the money paid for the rental of the infrastructure is directed towards self- development projects.