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Exchange of best wishes between the Head of State and the diplomatic and consular corps accredited to Burundi


Feb 7, 2023

BUJUMBURA February 7th (ABP) – The President of the Republic of Burundi, Evariste Ndayishimiye, participated on Friday, February 3, 2023, in the ceremonies of exchange of wishes between him and the diplomatic and consular corps accredited to Burundi.

So, he said: “I know that on the one hand you are watching us and on the other hand you are supporting us. It is true, Burundi is lagging behind in growth but it has reliable assets to increase its economy. We have the necessary resources, but we need financial capital to carry out our work towards sustainable, integral and inclusive development. This requires an effective and dynamic partnership. I would like us to establish a partnership together, which means walking together towards a common destiny”.

The Head of State also praised the work done by the diplomatic missions and international organizations for the work already done for the past year (2022): “Similarly, I address my warm thanks to you for the work you have accomplished throughout the past year, because it is notably thanks to you that our countries and Organizations continue to maintain good relations”, he appreciated.

According to President Ndayishimiye, in these years relations between Burundi and other partners have improved markedly. The Burundian authorities have participated in international fora  and have forged ties of friendship and cooperation between Burundi and its bilateral and multilateral partners, he added. He also indicated that Burundi is very active in regional and international organizations: “We participate in peacekeeping missions in the Central African Republic within the framework of the United Nations, in Somalia within the framework of the AU and in the DRC as part of the East African community,” he said.

                                                           President Ndayishimiye greeting the guests

During those ceremonies, the President of the Republic of Burundi had to point out that Burundi will always remain a country that fights to end conflicts in Africa and in the world. “This is why we condemn all kinds of war, whether international or internal armed conflicts. We unequivocally advocate peace and we would like any conflict, whatever its nature, to be resolved by peaceful means, by promoting dialogue for amicable settlement,” he said.

According to the Head of State, at present, Burundi needs one or the other, and needs to make peace with everyone: “We need everyone, the United States of America, EU: Belgium, Germany, etc. We need China, Japan, Russia and Ukraine, and all other countries in the spirit of complementarity. We need Africa, South America and Australia to name but a few,” he said. That is why he calls on the international community to stand up as one man to peacefully find a solution to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict that makes us all suffer.

As a result of this conflict, he explained, “we all face the lack of energy, fertilizers, certain foodstuffs that we need, not to mention the blood of innocents that flows every day”, he deplored. In addition, he indicates that there are other challenges which should attract particular attention, namely climate change, population growth, poverty in many countries including Burundi and many other phenomena.

President Ndayishimiye acknowledges that today, no country can be self-sufficient on its own because in each corner of the world is placed a wealth that the other needs where a win-win partnership is created by interaction. He ensured that the country surely starts the year 2023, given that the issues of human rights and freedom, division and political tensions that have undermined Burundi in the past, are dissipated and that all the people is convinced that it is possible to overcome poverty.

Thus, he made it known that for this year, the actions of Burundi will be oriented towards the mobilization of all citizens at work. “The fight against poverty requires relentless work; we have decided to eradicate unemployment in our country because the work is there and it awaits us. Our goal is that there will no longer be an activity to be neglected, especially activities that require mass work,” he said. He indicated that in agriculture agricultural production units have already been set up but also in other sectors of activity, and that the alignment of economic operators and investors on the same fronts, by strengthening the partnership system for everyone to find their place on this front, is the action that remains to be carried out.

The President of the Republic is aware that investment in human capital must be a priority for this bet to be successful. “To succeed in our bet, we put young people and women in the forefront in this production system because these groups are real driving forces of socio-economic development. The government continues to support women and youth projects by setting up support mechanisms for production activities,” he said. “It is within this framework that the government subsidizes the agricultural sector up to 70% for agricultural inputs and has set up the Youth Economic Empowerment and Employment Program (PAEEJ) and the Impulse Fund, Guarantee and Support (FIGA), to enable young people and women to access loans through the Youth Investment Bank and the Women’s Investment and Development Bank”, he continued to say.

                               With microphone, the Ambassador of South Africa to Burundi delivering his speech

For all intents and purposes, the President is firmly committed to establishing more cooperation, especially in terms of development. “We are firmly committed to continuing to water our development cooperation so that it is further strengthened and dynamic. Indeed, if we are on the same road, we must cooperate to put aside all pitfalls. And, this cooperation must be sincere, mutually beneficial and putting the citizen at the center of our actions”, he mentioned.

As for the South African Ambassador to Burundi, at the same time the representative of the Dean of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps accredited to Burundi, she commended the efforts of the Burundian President, which consist in aligning all Burundians on the rails of development. She also appreciated the importance he gives to investment in human capital where women and young people are put forward. Thus, she promised that the diplomatic and consular corps accredited to Burundi will spare no effort to support the development actions undertaken by the government of Burundi.